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1 How does the temperature and molecular size or weight affect the rate of diffusions

2 Using the information in #1 .what conditions would produce the fastest rate of diffusion?

3.state in which direction water will flow(into the bag, out the bagger in and out at an equal rate).then justify your answer using the terms hypotonic, hypertonic, isotonic.Example:into the bag because the beaker solution is hypotonic to the bag solution.

  1. Beaker contains 40%sucrose solution; bag contains 40% sucrose solution
  2. Beaker contains 25% sucrose solution ;bag contains 35% sucrose solution
  3. Beaker contains 40% sucrose solution; bag contains plain water
  4. Beaker contains 21% sucrose solution; bag contains 20% sucrose solution

4. What is the  tonicity of a surrounding solution which causes plant cells to undergo plasmolysis?Describe the appearance of these cells

5.Wha happens to red blood cells when they are placed in a hypertonic solution?How do the red blood cells appear compare to normal red blood cells

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