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The Budget Cycle week 2 discussion 2

Examine the pros and cons of a law enforcement administration budgeting process of your choice. How is the budgeting cycle used? Are jobs outsourced? Is outside funding utilized? Does the budget align with the goals of the community in regard to fighting crime and quality of life issues?

Jus wrote:

I chose to examine the budgeting process of the San Antonio (Texas) Police Department (SAPD).  The SAPD budgeting process is comprised of four steps: community input, policy direction, budget development, and budget adoption.

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The first step, community input, includes not only community input but employee / officer input as well.  This is accomplished through open houses, city council meetings, employee surveys, and the use of focus groups.  The focus groups are professionally moderated and facilitated in order to ensure that employees and citizens are able to give constructive input. This feedback is collected and used to provide input into the next step, policy direction.

Policy direction involves submitting a five-year budget forecast to the city council so that the city’s financial outlook can be ascertained and financial issues can be identified and dealt with early on in the budgetary process.  This occurs about four months before the new budget is adopted by the city.

Budget development occurs after city residents and the city council have given their budget input and set service priorities.  This process is then subject to review with all city departments prior to actual implementation.

The last step, budget adoption, occurs when the budget is formally adopted and executed.  This must occur before September 27th.  Prior to adoption, the city council can make changes to any aspect of the budget, as long as the end result is still a balanced budget. Once the budget is adopted, it is published and made accessible to all city departments and available online for anyone who wishes to view it.


City of San Antonio, Office of Management. http://www.sanantonio.gov/Budget.aspx

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