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  The police have been in the crises of solving their issues with the Latino community. It is very important for the police to ensure that there is peace and order in the society. The police are usually compelled to respond to any matter of concern raised by the public but in doing so, they have to be very vigilant to ensure that they have followed the right procedures that is required and that they use little force when necessary (Polzin and DeLord, 2006, August).

The police perspective

  In this case, a Latino man is spotted wielding a shot gun in a Latino neighborhood. It is the neighbors who call the police and immediately they start tracking the man. The man notices a police car following him and begins running. The police are therefore, prompted to follow him and ask for back up. The man is later on cornered and the police end up killing him with six bullets.

  The police interest here is to restore peace. They do not want any possible death resulting from a civilian who owns a gun. They are prompted by the fact that this man is a criminal; however we learn later on through the mother that this man is actually a mentally disabled man. The goal of the police here is to ensure that this man does not harm anyone with this gun. This is the reason why they hurry to the location. However, when this, man refuses to surrender the gun, he is shot dead by two officers.

  From the police perspective, the man could be dangerous.  This is a country where people including children have used guns to harm others. Therefore, when a case like this is reported, the police react very fast because they want to save human lives. According to the police, it is better they lose that life of a criminal than many lives of many innocent people.

  However, in this case, the police involved in the incident should have allowed the mother to prompt the son to comply with the police requirement. The mother would have been in a better place to help the police with the situation given that, with the presence of the mother, the son would feel at ease and follow the orders.

  The other solution was to use a rubber bullet than a live bullet. This would only make him unconscious and the police would have taken the gun away from him. This option could work so well because while hit unconscious there is no way the man would have hurt anyone.

  The other option would have been to reason with the man and talk calmly to him, this way the man would have also listened and complied. The police have been trained on ways of negotiating with the criminal. They would have negotiated out a way that they would have arrested the man. They do not have to necessarily use force unless the man fired the gun at them. This would then mean that the police responded with fire because they were defending themselves.

  Out of all this options, I would support negotiating with the criminal to get him to comply with what they needed him to do. If this man is mentally challenged and sees so many people follow him, he obviously got scared. The best thing to have done in this scenario was to talk to him calmly without pointing guns at him.

  The very fact that the police might have pointed guns at him could have been the main reason why the man refused to do what the police wanted him to do. However, in negotiating, they would have made him aware that they meant no harm and only wanted the gun. If the man was not completely damaged upstairs he would actually have listened and willingly obliged.   Knowing that the man is actually insane could have helped the police get the gun using another way. If they did not want the mother to help out in this scenario, then they would have brought the psychiatrists on board to help them get the man without killing him. Although he was insane, talking to him and getting the mother to talk to him would have proved helpful. If the police did not think that this is so important and opted for force, or if they tried negotiating and he refused, they would use rubber bullets in place of live bullets. The police should have been more patient with this man.

  It is the job of the labor union to train its members fully in to understanding the possible ways that they could use to get criminals to comply with them rather than use excessive force. Six bullets for a man who did not try to harm the police is actually too much. However, it is the job of the labor union to defend the actions of the members. It is in their place to determine if the police were actually justified to use excessive force to kill a man who they have been told that is innocent and is only mentally challenged.


  The police need to be very careful, when handling people. Police have always been caught in the mix of killing innocent people because they think that using live bullets is noble. The unions must make sure that the police understand what police reform is actually is. They should be made aware of other available options that they could use to compel a criminal. Killing a person aimlessly should be discouraged and those involved should actually pay for it. Each human life is very precious (Polzin and DeLord, 2006, August).


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labormanagement relations, police integrity, and community oriented policing. ….. and Police   LaborManagement Relations. (Vol. II): A Guide for Implementing

this report needs to be written to the city council and the labor union, Ensure that you fully disclose the options and impacts to the City and labor union. i am not sure all is complete on this one

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