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Labor-Management Relations

Compare the labor-management relations between the United States, Canada, and Australia. Identify three major differences between each and provide your opinion on the effectiveness of each.

Based on your experiences, do you feel that the single representative labor organization is more functional due to the unified focus of the organization?  What are your thoughts regarding the impact a larger labor organization has on labor negotiations?

All organizations are different; Especially in the size and function of the organization. Take Walmart for instance. They do not believe in unions. Congress and state legislature, and Walmart should definitely allow workers the right to decide whether or not they want a union. However, if employees  decide to join a union then the union will only be only a representative choice. The right to negotiate contracts tailored to there particular needs. This would “Allow workers to switch bargaining representatives would force unions to respond to their members’ concerns. Like re-election votes, it would hold unions accountable to their members. Unlike re-election votes, it would fix one of the major downsides of unionizing: one-size-fits-all contracts” (Sherk, 2012). Any disputes or disagreements will need to be worked through quickly and management needs to explain clearly why a union’s desired change might not be possible. Trust is crucial to establishing a solid foundation on which to build the desired collaborative relationship.

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