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Week 2 discussion 1

Labor-Management Relations

Compare the labor-management relations between the United States, Canada, and Australia. Identify three major differences between each and provide your opinion on the effectiveness of each

James wrote

Labor management is defined as “relations between the management of an industrial enterprise and its employees” (Farlex, 2015). When it comes to the size of police forces in Australia, there are only “9 law enforcement agencies-six states and two territories and one Federal Police organization” (Delord & Burpo, 2008). When it comes to Canada there is “a national police force that the federal government contracts to eight of the ten provinces to provide provincial police services, the three northern territories and 200 individual municipalities” (Delord & Burpo, 2008). “There are three provincial services and only 200 municipal and 17 regional police forces in all of Canada” (Delord & Burpo, 2008). In the United States there are many different styles of police agencies. There are Federal police agencies, municipal agencies, state police agencies, and federal non-law enforcement agencies that have their own police force. In Australia and Canada all police forces are unionized. This is not all true for the United States. There are a few police unions in the northern part of the United States. However not every police force is unionized. In the countries of Australia and Canada they do not openly endorse political candidates. In the United States police unions openly endorse and try to help the political candidates that they want to win the job. In other countries this is a practice that is not highly looked upon. In the United States the police agencies are decentralized. In other countries I feel as though that police agencies are strongly watched over, due to the fact that there are not as many police agencies and officers. In the United States the media plays a big role in anything that goes on with law enforcement. The news media can really help with law enforcement in the United States, but can also be its downfall at the same time.

Delord, R., Shannon, M., Burpo, J., & Spearing, J. (Eds.). (2008). Police union power, politics, and confrontation in the 21st century: New challenges, new issues (2nd ed.). United States of America: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd.

Farlex. (2015). Labor Management. Retrieved From: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Labor-management+relations.

Our discussion first, then the individuals tell the bad and good of post thanks answer list references.

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