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Spheres of Influence WEEK 1 DISCUSSION 1

Considering the “six spheres of influence” regarding community and governmental leaders that influence how law enforcement obtains their goals, identify the two most influential elements. What factors establish these elements as most influential? Why?  

Our discussion and individuals answer tell the good and bad of post list references thanks

Orison Pierce

2/20/2015 12:14:20 PM

Orison, the six spheres of influence are elected officials, government administrators, law enforcement executives, and the police union, the media, and the public.

he six spheres of influence in the goals and processes of a law enforcement agency are the elected officials like city council, county commissioners, judges and the sheriff himself. The police management like the chief, captain/commander, and lieutenant. The media like newspaper, TV and radio reporters and worst of all the social media people who record us edit the information and put it on the internet. The general public like citizens out on the streets and in our towns. With government administrators and police unions rounding out the six spheres of influence. These groups make up the opinion leaders, power brokers, and decision makers in the community who use community and political pressure to obtain their goals.

I think the general public plays a huge roll on the goals of a police department. They pressure the elected officials to make changes. They also use public opinion to pressure the department heads such as the chief to look into problems in the community and address the issues. Next I think media plays a role in influencing a department. For example due to the media coverage in Ferguson MO my department is getting body camera for all of our patrol officers and I know we are not the only agency to be making these changes after the media portrayed LEO’s in such a poor light. 


Police Labor-Management Relations Vol 1

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