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Investigative Roles

Week 5 discussion 1


hat it the role of the primary officer at a crime scene investigation?  The initial officers need to secure the scene identify those involved like the suspect , victim, witnesses, property owners, and depending on the crime additional rescue personal who were in the crime scene. The initial officers begin the investigation and documentation of the scene as well as conducting interviews with witnesses and the victim. Once the secondary officers like detectives arrive on scene the investigation is often turned over to them.

What is the role of police management?  The administration of the department are called and advised of the crime occurring and they make the determination as to if additional officers need to be called in. The administration acts as a media officer in our case as well. They arrive on the scene and get a general idea of what happened and what is being done then they are the ones who speak to the reporters. The administration also makes the decisions as to if other agencies get called out and they begin to check assignments and direct officers to needed areas.

What is the role of further investigating officers? When the detectives arrive they have all the fancy toys for gathering evidence and the recorders for conducting interviews with the suspect. The detectives usually have a higher level of training in evidence collection and interrogation than the street officers. They have things like the luminal and black lights as well as different type of finger print powder.  

What is the role of the prosecutor? They are supposed to study the case and make sure that all the ends are tied and the suspect can be sent to prison for the crime. However in real life they take all the hard work of the officers throw it out the window and offer a plea deal to get a guilty plea and make their record look good.

I feel that the initial officers and detectives share the responsibility of making a good case and doing everything ensure a conviction.

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