Write an 8-10 Page Paper About the Book: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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Using a psychosocial lifespan perspective assess Junior, the main character from “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.” You will want to synthesize information from the book to present an understanding of Junior as an individual, considering his biological, psychological and sociological development. In the analysis, evaluate key aspects of Junior’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth exploring the interdependence and interactions of these areas at all pertinent stages of development. Pay particular attention to important developmental themes that recur in different stages of his life.

Consideration needs to address the impact of systems level implications on Junior’s development, particularly Junior’s family, both school environments, the Indian Reservation where he lived, and broader social problems such as alcohol abuse, poverty and racism. Consider how Junior’s experiences and challenges impacted him at various stages of his development. Consider external challenges, internal conflicts, development of abstract reasoning ability, increasing levels of self-awareness, changing social environments, etc. Consider various forms of societal oppression, interplays with culture, gender, religion, and other environmental and social dynamics. Please consider Junior’s strengths.

May either compare or contrast the theories to reflect on how the theories can help make sense of Junior and his development, or may use at least two of the following theories to describe and consider different aspects of Junior’s development.

•Attachment theory 

•Psychodynamic theory 

•Cognitive Development theory 

•Theories of Learning 

•Cultural Theory 

•Social Role Theory 

•Systems Theory 

Papers must be 8 – 10 pages and written in APA format

Reference the Lesser and Pope (Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Theory and Practice (2nd Edition)

text as well any other relevant course readings in the assignment.


The Book SUMMARY POSTED ON SPARK NOTES: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


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