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short films,,in the file.

Watch any one of the short films offered in this course and write about it in two different posts. For the first post, write about one of the following elements of design (make sure to define the element carefully first) and why it’s important in the film you’ve selected: a) setting, décor, and properties; b) lighting; c) costume, makeup, and hairstyle. | For the second post, write about oneof the following elements of framing of the shot: a) implied proximity to the camera; b) depth; c) camera angle and height; d) scale; e) camera movement; e) framing and point of view. Again, make sure you define the element you’ve chosen first and then apply it to the film you’ve selected. (Each post should be *at least* 100 words.) 

Remember that you should write formally, albeit briefly. Include a thesis sentence, define terms, and support your observations with specific examples from the film and the textbook.

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