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Please write a summary about your animation (kinetic type video) ideas.

It’s about one page long.

The summary should including the song’s name you choose. (I choose “Yesterday Once More” as my song.)

And how you plan to do in the kinetic video. Here are some things you need to pay attention when writing the summary.

You are to choose a spoken or sung passage of text. It may be from a movie, television show, song, comedy act, etc. Your sound sample must be at least three minutes long – NO shorter (I will be checking time). Using your sound sample as the basis for your project and type as the dominant visual element, translate your audio into visible form.You may use images, but this MUST be text dominant. There are plenty of examples of kinetic type on youtube, so there are many examples for you to study.

You can talk about the fonts choice and how you plan to arrange the layout of each scene in the summary. And Stage size. Standard web page sizes tend to be 800 x 600 pixels, or 1024 x 768. Your stage size should either be a standard size or fall somewhere in between. Fonts to stay away from would probably include Comic Sans, Papyru, Brush Script,
and all graphical and specialty fonts that do not directly address the
content of your piece.

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