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  • In general, what have you learned about academic writing.
  • – Has your writing process changed? What skills have you learned or improved onfrom the course? (If you’re unsure, review your assignments / journal entries and think about some skills or strategies that you had to use). How can you apply these to other assignments, classes, or real life? Please explain thoroughly.
  • – Now, go through all of your assignments for the portfolio, as well as their drafts. Re-read all of them from the beginning. Where do you feel you have made the most progress? What do you want to work on the most?
  • – There is no right or wrong answer, but you must show that you’ve thought deeply about the subject. Look at your style, length, depth of thought, and much more. Remember, this is formal writing, so proofread your work for typos / errors.

In academic writing we talked about personal narrative, logos, pathos, ethos, Persuasive Inquiry, Inquiry proposal, MLA, Rhetorical Reflection Class Debate,Outlines and Organization.

please do 2 pages.

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