Women in American History

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Comparisons Paper

-Papers must be typed & turned in via Canvas

-Answer each question separately and number your answers

-You must use at least 2 primary & 2 secondary source (Include a bibliography at end)

-For quotes, cite using Chicago style footnotes (directions on how to footnote here: Chicago Footnote Directions)

Select ONE of the categories below (Recipes, Fashion, Advertising, or Women) and follow the directions.

-You may find your own sources if you wish or use this AWESOME research guide from the library: http://mtsac.libguides.com/womenshistory (It is seriously awesome and includes tons of resources you can use).


Choose 2 American women who have been significant in women’s history, each from a different time period, and compare them using the questions below.

  1. Explain your project. Who will you be comparing? How do you plan to compare them: What elements or aspects of the two decades do you plan to look at?
  2. Why did you pick this particular topic and these particular women?
  3. Compare and contrast: what do they have in common? How are they different? What can you tell about them by analyzing your primary sources?
  4. Analysis: What do the commonalities and differences tell us about the time periods during which these women lived? Questions to consider: What was happening with women in general during your chosen time periods? How were these women significant? And how was their significance restrained or enhanced by the prevailing view of women at the time? Were there external influences at play (immigration/labor/suffrage campaigns/wars/availability of materials/etc)?
  5. What have you learned from this project?

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