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Watch Film: 

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1. Answer and Connect

Reflect on all the concepts you learned regarding Exchange Theory during Module 2: Sociological Theories of the Family and Intimate Relationships and this week regarding Gender and Marriage. Write a short reflection on the film (minimum 300 words for full credit).  

Reflection should include at least 3 of the following answers or analysis:

What Exchange Theory and at least two examples of it you saw during this film.

Identify at least two examples of Exchange Theory that were evident to you throughout this film.

Identify and Define at least three concepts that we discussed this week during Module 4: Gender, Intimacy and Family   and connect them to this film (examples can be: social construction of marriage, gender ideals, gender roles, sex vs gender, opportunities, gender expectations, gender inequality, etc.)

How do you think the social construction of marriage (such as role expectations, gender ideals) influenced the women and men of these film in their quest to find the “perfect” partner?

Do you feel the ending for the  “tinder swindler” would have been different if he was a woman?

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