What is a bio-geochemical cycle?

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The bio-geochemical cycles are the cyclic flow of chemical nutrients from the environment to the organisms and reverse.

The ecosystem receives the nutrients from external sources and stores them for their utilisation in biological process. The stored nutirents are utilised for the growth and development of organisms.
The cyclic flow of nutrients maitain the balance in the natural pool. It maintains the nutients cycle more or less balanced. The disturbances in the ecosystem make the nutrients cycles un-balanced.
Deposited of nutrients in the organisms are released by the process of decoposition by the micr-organisms. These nutrients are stored in soil for further use. The plants absorb the stored nutrients from the soil. The absorbed nutrients are utilised by the plants for their growth and development. The animals receive the nutients from plants. These organisms after the death decay release again back. Main types of bio-geochemical cycles are Carbon cycle, Nitrogen cycle, Water cycle, Sulphur cycle, and Phosphorus cycle; etc.

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