Week Four Homework- net 1050, writing homework help

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  1. Describe the LGA2011 processor socket, the CPUs it supports, targeted applications, and any special considerations for its implementation.
  2. What is a ZIF socket and what is its purpose?
  3. What is the purpose of the chipset on a motherboard?
  4. What is the design of the Accelerated Hub Architecture?
  5. What are the many fine lines on the top and bottom of a motherboard’s surface? What is the purpose of these lines?
  6. Describe the function of the system clock.
  7. Describe the PCI Express bus and contrast it with previous versions of the PCI bus.
  8. What is the purpose of the CMOS RAM on a motherboard?
  9. What is the purpose of the motherboard supervisor password and how can it be cleared if it is forgotten?
  10. What is a device driver and what is the role of motherboard drivers when you update a motherboard or install a new motherboard?

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