Week 11 Bus475 course discussion

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also respond to j.w.

Business and Society course was very interesting. I will take away the enormous amount of information such as how stakeholders really affect how a business may move forward. Just from learning social responsibilities was definitely something that I will continue to learn about as a consumer of products. In my personal life, I find that I do not want to purchase products or services from companies that dehumanize people to get ahead in the market. One company that really hit home was Apple. I disagree with their tactics towards social responsibility. I want my company to operate with people feeling appreciated, valued, and have the ability to give back to them as they put forth their effort to make our organization successful..I also understand that taking political stances can hinder my company so sticking with environmental and ethical practices is a better approach. Corporate governance was another topic that I found to be important. It is vital to maintaining control of the company by leading it with the same principles that are established instead of flip flopping or being passive agrressive. I enjoyed making the videos the most because it was my first time making one which I put on my YouTube channel. I always wanted to have a YouTube channel for diy home renovations tutorials and I feel a little more comfortable after making my presentations for the class. I enjoyed all of the feedback that I received. I think this class is a fundamental building block for anyone wanting to start a business or a Business major student. I would not change anything about this course because I have retained alot. Thank you Professor Musica. I loved your video posts the most after completing my assignments. Good luck on your journeys into the world of capitalism everyone.

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