Watch Video about marketing, questions help

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To examine the way the media shapes our values and culture watch the following documentary at:

(Make sure to watch all 6 parts)

1. How does marketing affect you?  How does it affect your desire for consumer goods?  Your sense of happiness?  Your acceptance by your peers, e.g., whether they think you are “cool”?  Your identity and vision of yourself?  Is media a mirror? Explain.

2. Update the film for today.  Which corporations own how much of the media?  How much media do we watch a day?  How much do we consume?  Do the “mook” and “midriff” still exist?  Who would they be?  Is “cool” still as important?  How has it changed?  How has it stayed the same? What impact does the media and our consumption have on our culture?

3. Go without media for ONE day. That means no television, no Iphone, no facebook, no radio, no magazines, nothing…give an account of how that day went. What did you do? How did you feel?

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