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IFor this Piazza post you will research the statement of purpose expectations in your field. Identify a particular graduate/professional program, a scholarship organization, a company for whom you are interested in working, or a comparable type of audience.

I choose the program is “graduate program at University of Southern California”


Visit the website of the institution AND the particular program in which you are interested. After researching the institution and program, write a paragraph (approx. 250 words) in which you summarize and reflect on your findings. Below, you’ll find questions that will help get you started (you do not need to answer all of them, but focusing on at least a few of them will help). Be sure to include the name of the institution/program and links to the relevant websites you visited in your post.

  • What are the values of the institution/program? (A mission statement is a good place to look for these.)
  • What kind of research/study/professional preparation do they specialize in?
  • What sets them apart from similar programs?
  • Who is involved in the program/organization (e.g. faculty, graduate students, board members) and what types of work do they specialize in?
  • How does the program describe its requirements for the statement of purpose/personal statement? Do they provide a specific prompt? What is it?
  • Based on your research, how do you see yourself contributing to the program/institution?

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