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Debate 9.2 Group Presentation on OD (185-261)

Jeannie Chiu

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Debate 9.2 Group Presentation on The Omnivore’s Dilemma pp. 185-261

Presenters for this Debate: Andrew Dowling and Jolie Bankert

  1. On this discussion board, the presenters on this section of The Omnivore’s Dilemma will post their presentation and discussion questions for the class, by Thurs. 4/11. Presenters, or I, will post the statement, or proposition, that they have chosen to work on. Each presenter will post the equivalent of 1.5 pages on their position, labelled “pro” (for) or “con” against their chosen statement. After reading their opponent’s statement, the presenters should post their rebuttal (response to; attempt to argue against) their opponent’s presentation and a discussion question for the class, labelled “rebuttal and discussion question.”
  1. Students, you are required to write a paragraph response to debate 9.2 and send it to the debate 9.2 classmate responses by Thurs. 4/18 (additional week for spring break). First, before reading the debate, note if you are for or against the statement. Then note if your position changed or remained the same after you read the debate. Give any insights on the debate or debate topic.
  1. After I read students’ paragraph responses to the debate, I’ll send a summary to the class.
  1. Presenters, a week after I send the summary, send a paragraph about your experience doing the debate and my summary to debate 9.2 classmate responses.

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