10 page paper about current topics in management

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Management Issue Involved in the Situation: In one or two pages, explain the current issue in management as you would if you were teaching that topic.

Alternative solutions: In two to three pages, please explore various alternatives for implementing the current topic in an organization or to use the current topic to rectify a problem or problems in an organization and their advantages and disadvantages that you as a leader would use to rectify the situation. Please relate the alternative solutions to the appropriate readings we have discussed.

Recommendation as to how you (as a leader) would handle the situation differently

This is where this paper differs from your first research paper. As in the first one, please detail the alternative solution you would use to implement the current topic and/or utilize the current topic to rectify a problem within an organization. I would write this paper keeping in mind that top management is your audience. You need to sell your ideas and in doing so, making sure that you spell out all of the whos, whats, wheres, whens, whys and hows of your recommendation, specifically addressing the following aspects in as much detail as possible:

Leadership Theory (which of the theories or combination of theories we studied will you use for implementation

Marketing planning and tools you will need to implement your plan (public relations, advertising, selling? Which tools? Where? What media? For how long?)

Human Resource Planning (Will you need to hire? If so, how, where?) Will you need to downsize or restructure? If so, how many? How? Over what period of time?)

Legal Implications (What are the legal ramifications of implanting this idea into the organizations? Are there any? If so, what are they?)

Financial plan (In as much detail as you can and using the proper financial statements such as a budget, please detail the cost of your plan (How long is the plan going to need to be implemented? How much will it cost? How will it be funded?)

Ethical Implications (Are there any ethical implications involved in implementing your plan? If so, what are they? Is there any potential harm involved in the implementation?)

References Please make sure to reference those readings that were helpful in solving the problem.

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