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How does Greenberg characterize the artists he discusses in his essay? What artists does he cite as the primary precursors? Why? What do you think is his larger goal with this essay beyond merely highlighting worthy artists?

Why did American leaders feel urgency at the beginning of the Cold War to establish American culture as dominant? How did politicians, curators, critics, and artists themselves go about doing this? What was it about Abstract Expressionism that allowed it to so readily be used for this purpose? What role did political ideology play in the transatlantic artistic debates/competition (as opposed to more straightforward aesthetic concerns)? [You may consider these questions together or individually.]

How did the American pavilion at the 1964 Venice Biennale become a symbol of American ideological and cultural values, and how was Robert Rauschenberg’s art appropriated for this purpose? What aspects of Rauschenberg’s work supported this appropriation and what aspects seem to cut the other way?

In what ways is Jasper Johns’ Flag both a response to Duchamp (Dada) and Pollock (formal modernism)? [see attachments]

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