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Topic Ideas: In 3-5 sentences, identify your two or three top choices for a topic and why they interest you.

Topic Selection: In 3-5 sentences, identify your final choice for a topic and why you selected it.

Thesis Development: In 3-5 sentences, indicate your perspective on the topic and reasons that support your perspective. This will form your pattern for development.

Working Thesis: Post a working thesis that:
•1. Is a single, declarative sentence
•2. Is in third person
•3. Is persuasive
•4. Includes the topic +perspective
•5. Includes at least three main ideas in the pattern for development.

Example Thesis
•To improve the American education system, teachers and administrators must plan for and engage in meaningful, cost-effective, and time sensitive professional development.

This week, we’re in the early stages of planning for our final essay. You may have already selected a topic. If you haven’t, select a topic for our persuasion essay about which you are passionate. . After selecting your topic and watching this week’s lecture on thesis statements, post a working thesis statement in the discussion forum

Persuasive Topics

Health Sciences and Nursing

  • Healthcare as a right or privilege
  • Mandatory or voluntary vaccines
  • Electronic medical records versus paper records
  • Diversity awareness in healthcare – mandatory or voluntary

Tech and Design

  • Ethical responsibility for video game content – yes or no
  • Video games do/do not reinforce stereotypes.
  • Marketing of videogames should/should not be subject to parental control
  • Websites and hypertext transfer protocols

Criminal Justice

  • Interpreters in court do/do not influence verdicts and sentencing
  • Mandatory sentencing is/is not a deterrent for certain crimes
  • Privatizing prisons will/will not make the system more efficient
  • Single parents homes do/do not cause higher crime rates
  • Race helps/does not help in community policing


  • Home childcare is/is not a viable alternative to day care
  • Pre-school should/should not be mandatory
  • Breastfeeding is/is not better for mothers and children
  • Standardized testing should/should not take place in kindergarten


  • Business and personal ethics should/should not converge
  • Diversity awareness is/is not mandatory for success in business
  • The Global Economy is/is not the basis for business expansion
  • Marketing to children is/is not ethical

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