cultural diversary

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Cultural Diversity

  • After reviewing the Week 7 Lecture, in your own words (don’t copy from any source), what is cultural diversity?
  • Many people try to apply the Golden Rule while interacting with others; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” While this ethical code has been ( throughout history, our lecture suggests ignoring the Golden Rule when it comes to modern business. Some now assert the ( is better in a culturally diverse workplace; “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.Which ‘rule’ do you feel would be most ( in a multicultural workplace and why?
  • What are some of the cultural issues that exist with regard to gift-giving in business?


Note that a difference in cultures doesn’t necessarily mean different countries or languages; the difference between living in a large city and living in a small town is an example of cultural differences. Different types of jobs (medical careers, criminal justice careers, information technology careers) have their own cultures with unique jargon. Married or single – those are two different cultures. Different age groups are more accustomed to the “culture” of their own generation, so today’s children are in a different culture than today’s adults.

Select ONE of the following and provide a 300 word response:

A) You may have lived with a culturally different roommate in school or the military, or maybe you had a job where you either worked with someone from a different culture, or the customers were of various cultures. Describe an example from your own life experience when you benefited from an opportunity to learn something about a different culture; it could be a new holiday tradition, a new religious belief or custom, or a new delicacy that you only discovered because of your relationship with that person. Explain what you learned and what benefit(s) you derived from the experience.


B) Imagine that you’re working in the field for which you’re earning your degree. You’ve just been introduced to a new associate who recently moved to the United States from one of the countries in ( Describe some strategies to lessen the impact of your own cultural influences (Week 7 Online Lecture – page 9) in order to achieve cultural pluralism in your workplace. In other words, what steps could you suggest to help your group create an inviting multicultural workplace?

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