World Literature Research paper 8 pages deadline is 18 August 2013 no extensions 4 Jouranal sources

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Please extend the research you have done for your annotated bibliography and write an interpretation of some aspect of one or more of the works assigned for this class. (Example: A comparative analysis of the female characters in â€œParadise Lost”. This essay should have a strong thesis statement (placed at the end of the first paragraph) that will set out what you plan to prove in the rest of the paper.  Your introduction should also provide a road map, or overview, of what your main points are going to be.  Prove your argument by presenting evidence(s) from the text and outside research that has led you to hold the opinion that you do.  Make sure that you relate every detail you include to your main point or thesis, and show how it strengthens your case.  The conclusion at the end of your essay should review your major points and round out your argument.  I am looking for your own well-considered interpretation, informed by clearly documented outside reading.


Papers should be double spaced, with 1” margin on the left and 1.5” margin on the right.  Please use 12-point Times New Roman.  Cite your sources according to MLA. You should have a minimum of FOUR outside sources.  Do not use Internet sources unless the exact same source exists in a printed form and merely happens to be on-line in a full text version.  Papers will be graded on the originality of argument, use and integration of textual evidence, development of detail, and mechanics of writing.



Word Limit: 8 pages

Value: 20% of your final grade



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