answer 3 technology related question in 3 pages topic response assignment

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Topic Response Assignment

Assignment: Three topic questions are presented below to address. Each student will research the topics surrounding each question and will write a one page (maximum) technically-oriented response to each.

Objective: In the professional setting it is typical for managers and colleagues to ask technical questions regarding a specific topic. You, as an IT professional, understand the need to provide your opinions based upon verifiable facts and technical knowledge. Doing this helps you establish professional credibility. This assignment enables you to practice this skill.

In order to formulate an intelligent response, you will need to research references supporting your position on each question. These articles must be from reputable

(i.e., wikipedia while peer reviewed, should not be used, nor should any personal websites or blogs that are unverifiable or of unknown reputation).


1. One page (maximum) response to each topic question, single space, point 11 font.

2. Each response will have a minimum of two references. All topic references will be submitted in APA format on a separate page and attached in addition to the topic response pages.

Response: The response should be thoughtful, technically oriented, and fully backed by references and the IT knowledge learned in this class. It should be the type of response you would expect from an IT professional, in that it states an opinion based upon known facts and not conjecture.


1.What do you believe are the top three most important technological innovations that led to today’s

? Describe and justify your choices in technical terms.

2.In your opinion, what will be the most critical technology that will

the IMT-2020 goals for 5G cellular service. Justify your response in technical terms.

3.Space-X and NASA are reinvigorating the idea of manned space flight to the moon and Mars. In your opinion, what is the greatest telecommunications challenge that future space exploration faces, and how do you believe it can be solved, if at all?

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