discussion and questions volcanoes

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Link’s and Documents Provided By Professor

http://volcano.si.edu/reports_weekly.cfm – Weekly volcanic activity report

Volcanoes: Summary PowerPoint – 10.Volcanoes_and_Other_Igneous_Activity.ppt

Mountain building: Summary PowerPoint – 11.Mountain_Building.ppt

Volcanoes: Outline – Volcanoes and Other Igneous Activity.doc

Mountain Building: Outline – Mountain Building.doc

Class Lecture For Volcanoes And Mountain Building – Lecture6_volcanomtns3.ppt

The Power Of The Planet: Volcanoes! – YouTube Video




After watching the video, answer the following three questions in the text-box provided. 1. What makes Iceland special, geologically speaking? 2. What would happen to all of the land if the tectonic plates ever stopped moving? 3. How is carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere, and then returned to the atmosphere?




As you discovered in the video, volcanoes are an important part of our planet.

After visiting the volcano report link listed above, pick an active volcano (one that has erupted fairly recently) to discuss.

What is it’s name. Where is it? What type of volcano is it: cinder cone, shield volcano, or strato/composite volcano? What type of eruption is occurring? Is it an explosive type of eruption? Or are there lava flows, or both? How is the volcano impacting local communities, or the environment? Why did you decide to pick this particular volcano?

Instructor’s example post below:

Many years ago I spent a couple of summers working as a camp counselor on the island of Oahu. We had a break between sessions and I was able to travel to the Big Island (Hawaii) with other staff members, and we rented a car and drove all over the island. At that time it was possible to drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and park near an active vent, and then walk toward the coast over newly hardened lava to watch hot lava flowing into the ocean. What a sight! It was fascinating to watch the rivers of red hot lava flow into the ocean, and then cause the cold ocean water to boil and create steam. Sulfur in the air stung my eyes. Mount Kilauea, a shield type of volcano, is still erupting to this day. In fact, it is almost constantly erupting from vents on its summit caldera or on rift zones. The eruption style tends to be “effusive” (fairly gentle lava flows), although over the last 2500 years, up to 60% of the eruptions have been of the explosive type (according to the Volcano Discovery website). You can watch current eruptions of Kilauea on webcams: https://tinyurl.com/webcams-volcano .




Thank You So Much Everyone!

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