research paper 1121

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it is a 2,000-word research paper. This paper must be written according to the 6th edition of the APA writing style rules and comply with its formatting and referencing guidelines.

Please note: This is a very important assignment in the larger scheme of your course grade as it comprises 40% of your total grade!!!

Write a research paper (8-10 pages) on any given topic in your textbooks or choose one of the 9 topics below:

1. How does religion function relative to the life-cycle process of individual maturation?
2. How does it aid persons to pass from one stage of life to another?
3. How does religion function relative to death-related behavior and meanings?
4. What is the relationship between religion and war?
5. How does religion function in times of adversity and suffering?
6. How is peacemaking in the times of war religiously underpinned?
7. How does one contemporary artistic expression (visual art, music, film, etc) influence religion and vice versa?
8. How does contemporary capitalism reflect and/or contradict the concept of religious ethics?
9. How might have American icons such as Disney, Elvis or Oprah influenced American religion? 

10. How does religion answer basic questions of existence within different cultures? 

11. The influence of religion in behaviors related to death and their meaning? 

12. The role of religion in establishing peace in times of war. 

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