social media addiction and teen suicide

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semester and identified a career in public service that addresses this problem. For Social Empathy Applied Part Two, you will interview a person* currently serving in the same or similar position to investigate how they approach this social problem through their work.

My social problem identified was ***Social media addiction and suicide *

*interview with a social worker/ therapist****

Contact a Community Expert and Schedule an interview:

  • Contact a person currently working in public service. This could be a coordinator at your volunteer site, a supervisor or co-worker if you volunteered at your workplace, or someone who works within the field you’re interested in post-graduation. Please remember that all communication should be professional and that these individuals are not obligated to speak with you.
  • Draft a minimum of 15 questions that will give you insight into how this person addresses your social problem, defines your social problem, and overall approaches complex social problems within their work. Attach your interview questions as an appendix to your paper.
  • Interview your public servant contact by April 14th. You may interview them in-person, via the phone, Google Hangout/Skype, or via email.

Write a 3-page summary of your interview

  • Write a summary of your interview. Be sure to include the Community experts name, organization, job title, and contact information. – 2pgs
  • For your conclusion, discuss what you learned from the interview and how it has provided context in applying social empathy to your social problem. 1-pg
  • Include your 15 interview questions as an appendix to your paper, after your work cited page.

Your paper must be 3-pages in length and use APA format for citations. You must include your interview questions in an appendix. Your paper must be written in a style befitting academic work.

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