quality programs and family communication plans

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Now that you have learned about organizations that measure quality in early childhood education programs and about family-educator communication, you will combine these topics to complete your next assignment.

This project consists of two parts. In Part 1, you will design a program outline for an early childhood facility. In Part 2, you will design and discuss a communication plan to distribute to the families of the children in your program.

Part 1: Program Outline

Use your knowledge, experience, and research skills to envision and design an outline for your own early childhood program. You will envision a program that you would like to open one day. You may even choose a name for your program/facility!

In a one-to-two-page document, describe each of the following:

  1. The licensing standards for your state including: (STATE FLORIDA)
    1. Type of facility (preschool, group day care, home day care, etc.)
    2. Age ranges (must be between the ages of birth/newborn through age 8, but can be limited to a certain age/ages)
    3. Staff-child ratios
    4. Staff educational qualifications
    5. Group size
    6. Physical space requirements

This information must come directly from your state’s licensing website or licensing handbook. Be sure to include this as a source in your reference list.

  1. Describe the quality aspects of your program, including the following features:
    1. Type of curriculum used and why you have chosen this methodology. How will children benefit from the chosen curriculum?
    2. Accommodations for diverse needs. Discuss how you will communicate and collaborate with families to accommodate their diverse needs, such as different cultures, languages, and abilities.
    3. Observation, documentation, and assessment measures used.
    4. Additional services provided such as therapeutic interventions or family support.

    Part 2: Communication PlanUse your knowledge and experience with appropriate communication practices to design your own early childhood family-educator communication plan. You will fill out a template that serves as a Communication Plan, which you would distribute to each child’s family. This will include communication methods and three topics to share about. You will then write a two-page rationale that explains your reasons for choosing those three communication methods and discusses how you will approach any disagreements or lapses in communication.First, download the template for this part of the assignment below:Module 02 Communication Plan Template (ATTACHED)Using the template, provide the following information:

    1. Three communication methods you will use to communicate with families. Examples might include face-to-face conversation, daily or weekly written notes, phone calls, a traveling communication log via notebook or folder, private conferences, and daily or weekly interactions by way of applications such as mobile apps or social media). Use your assigned readings, lectures, videos, and existing personal practices to determine your preferred methods. List and provide details about each method, including:
      1. How you will communicate (by phone, folder/notebook, email, software application, etc.)
      2. Any specific time of day that each method will be utilized
      3. Frequency of communication for each method
    2. A list of three specific topics related to children’s development, behavior, or care that you will communicate with the family about. Be mindful of which topics might be important to families.
    3. At least one personalized goal for the child, based on the topics chosen. Include one follow-up measure that can be used to check progress.

    In two additional pages, in a separate document, do the following:

    1. Explain your rationale for choosing each communication method, including the benefits to the:
      1. Child
      2. Family
      3. Educator
    2. Envision and describe a situation where two parties listed on your communication plan encounter a difference of opinion about the child’s education and care. Discuss how you would resolve or accommodate for those differences.
    3. Use at least one scholarly source to support your rationale for your communication methods. Make sure to include this source in an APA formatted reference page.

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