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We have all experienced times when who we are talking to is not fully listening to what we have to say and on the flip side, we all have been poor listeners. We can improve our listening through conscious effort, it takes work and effort to be a good listener. When listening to someone speak, keep in mind the ten commandments of listening discussed in the text:

    1. Stop talking.
    2. Put the talker at ease.
    3. Show the talker you want to listen.
    4. Remove distractions.
    5. Empathize with the talker.
    6. Be patient.
    7. Hold your temper.
    8. Go easy on argument and criticism.
    9. Ask questions.
    10. Stop talking!

Pick one type of nonverbal communication; discuss how it relates to listening and how you can use this nonverbal clue to determine if a person is understanding the information you are discussing. (more than 150 words)

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