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Please finish this discussion question in two paragraph. This question should base on one classmates’s discussion. I post it here also.

question: How in history have geography or endowment of natural resources promoted – or hindered – sustained intensive economic growth?

student’s discussion: In history, geography and endowment of natural resources both promoted or hindered sustained intensive economic growth. Personally, the geography is the most important factor for the economic growth in the world in that geography determines the condition of agricultural productivity, climate, and the number of natural resources. If geography didn’t matter in history, there would be no difference in economic condition among countries, and there would be no war for land and natural resources. As we all know, the economic condition of a few rich countries in poor areas is pulled by oil or other high-valued natural resources. From history, the economy of countries near ports grew rapidly and was maintained by the increasing population and trades. And some arid areas like middle east countries were hindered from developing their economy due to water shortage, poor transportation, and poor grain output. Two examples in history could be used to explain the importance of geography on economic growth. France, one of the four major economies in Europe, is richly endowed by nature resources and geographical advantages. The plain of France accounts for two-thirds of the total area, which provides a unique chance for the development of railways. With the various mountains including the Alps, Jura, and the Pyrenees and the extensive river system including the Seine river, the Loire and the Rhone. Therefore, France has convenient land, water, and air transportation. In addition, France has been a big producer of agricultural products and the world’s first tourist destination due to its fertile soil and beautiful natural landscape, which made a great contribution to economic development.

Another example is the geographic advantage of the United Kingdom, which had a huge impact on economic development. With the development of Britain’s long coastline and natural ports, the economy of Britain also developed rapidly for decades years. The Port of London is on the Thames from the capital to the north sea, providing a geographical advantage for British people to trade and communicate with other countries. The East India Company began to trade with countries in the East Indies through the Port of London in 1555, which promoted trades among countries and improved the economic development of Britain.

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