students for gun free schools

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Handwrite a four-paragraph letter or essay comparing and contrasting Students for Gun-Free

Schools(SGFS)and their essay “Why Our Campuses Are Safer without Concealed

Handguns”(639-645)with Students for Concealed Carry(SCC)and their essay”Why Our

Campuses Are Not Safer without Concealed Handguns”(648-657)regarding whether colleges

should allow guns on campus. You can write to one of the student groups or someone else (La

Voz News, Christina Espinosa-Pieb( President Donald Trump,California Governor Gavin Newsom, any person real or not; of course, you can agree and/or disagree with one or both of the essays.

There is a letter example on page 211. still, follow the overall structure of an essay, with your

thesis in the last sentence of the first paragraph(see essay examples pages 378-380 and

383-386) In your conclusion, you again restate your thesis, but you can also add suggestions o

solutions to the dilemma. Do note the two possible structures for comparison/contrast on pages

373-375 and the necessary transitional words and phrases page 375

sure to give at least two cited quotes or paraphrases from each essay (four total). Also, your

o concrete, specific personal experience/observation examples, filled with the 5Ws and

personal quotes, should dominate. Attach a Works Cited page with two entries in ABC order

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