speculate with supporting evidence what will happen in the field of abnormal psychology in the next 20 years

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There are many unanswered questions in the field of abnormal psychology. Our understanding of mental health is still undergoing rapid change. Popular treatments have changed drastically over time, and will likely continue to change.

For this question, your task is to speculate (with supporting evidence) what will happen in the field of abnormal psychology in the next 20 years. You must support your response by citing information from at least seven academic sources. You may take an optimistic, negative, or neutral view; what matters most in this response is how strongly you are able to provide evidence to support your views. Remember that you should write about what you think will happen, not about what you think should happen. While you will of course be offering your opinion in this response, you must support your ideas through cited sources and solid logical reasoning. Remember to provide a critical analysis of arguments made in the sources you retrieve, not just a restatement of material from your sources. For instance, if your source states that psychotherapy will become less common in the future, assess the strength of the evidence provided by your source. Your response may cover many topics, but should include the following:

  • Will more or fewer people be labeled as having mental health problems?
  • Discussion of who will primarily be providing mental health services (i.e., will services be mostly administered by primary care physicians, psychologists, social workers, etc.)
  • What type of treatment will be provided most often?
  • Will more or fewer people receive treatment?
  • Will treatment be more or less effective than currently utilized treatments?
  • What role will the drug industry have in shaping diagnoses and treatments received?
  • What types of relevant scientific advances might be seen?
  • What types of explanations will be most commonly accepted for explaining the causes of mental health problems (e.g., chemical imbalance, poor parenting, mistreatment by peers, poor choices, etc.)?

Be sure to answer all of the above questions in depth and to provide solid logical arguments to back up your ideas. Provide more than your opinion; provide convincing reasons why your ideas should be taken seriously.

No specific page requirement

Please use APA format with in-text citation and reference. Thank you.

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