SOCY100 Week 1 Discussion

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Sociologists use the sociological imagination to understand how individuals’ problems (i.e., troubles) are tied to broader social patterns.  First, read this week’s learning resources (UMGC, n.d.), including the segment of C. Wright Mills’s Sociological Imagination (linked below) (Mills, 2000). This discussion question has two parts:

Part 1. Give an example of a problem that an individual may face, and using your sociological imagination, explain how broader social factors in society may be impacting that person’s life. For example, a person who is struggling to get a job may be impacted by an array of social factors, such as inadequate education, discriminatory practices, and a lack of transportation. Be creative! 

Part 2. Briefly explain one of the three main sociological perspectives (structural functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionist) in your own words. According to this perspective, generally speaking, why does the problem that you identified in Part 1 exist in society?

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