Sociology of Mental Health Discussion

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You will need to find THREE items: 1) a popular media report OF a scholarly research   

article, and 2) that same scholarly article on which the report is based, and 3) a related
scholarly article.  You must select a topic you can relate to the course material.Acceptable media sources include newspapers (Eg., NY Times), magazines, and television/radio/online news reports, etc. that report on an empirical scientific study, and are
written by a journalist for the general public Sources that are NOT acceptable include: newsletters, database publications (e.g.,
medicalnewstoday, medline, science daily) that briefly summarize research reports, University sites that merely list recent affiliated publications, reports from the CDC or an organization, meta-analyses/reviews, opinion essays, articles with only a URL citation, blogs, or Wikipedia .After selecting an appropriate media report, you must also locate the actual scholarly journal article, and then a related scholarly journal article on the same topic.  If multiple articles are cited, you may select two of them (by different authors) to obtain and analyze.  If a link to the article is not provided in the media report, you must locate the research referenced in the report.  To find scholarly journal articles, you can search the library databases (Web of
Science, Sociological Abstracts, JSTOR, etc.).The deadline for approval of your sources is February 20.  While approval is optional, if your sources do not meet the guidelines, you will not be able to obtain a passing score on the assignment.  The earlier the better as many times the first media report is not acceptable.  In a Word, document include the links to both the popular media and the journal articles (do not submit the actual articles; and do not put them in a pdf because the links
cannot be accessed)

this is a example of  popular media report OF a scholarly research article(.First Read: “NYTimesReadThisFirst” posted in this module.)

After careful thought, you will write up a critique.Begin with 1) a paragraph summarizing the content/issue(s) in the report, and 2) a paragraph
each describing the original research sources. (18 points) Then, the bulk of the write-up will critically evaluate the material, comparing the article to the original research, and relating it to information/themes covered in the class. Among the
questions you must consider:
1. What model of mental health, illness/disorder is used (chapter 4)? Why? (12 points)

2. Generally, does the “data” presented seem to support the conclusions that are drawn.  Note
that by nature the summary news bytes will not provide sufficient information for a detailed
critique, and research reports tend to be very technical.  Stating this is not sufficient. (12
3. How might the results be interpreted differently?  How might an alternative sociological
perspective or mental health model approach the topic or interpret the data differently? (12
4. How do the two scholarly journal articles differ: are the results consistent or contradictory
(12 points)?
5. What kinds of information are still unknown — what further research remains to be done? (6
6. How accurately does the media report represent the original research (or research in the
area)?  Note again that stating differences in length is not sufficient. Does it differ from the
alternative scholarly article? (16 points)
7. A final paragraph will describe why you personally find the article/issue interesting, and how
it relates to the course material. (12 points)
A proper bibliography with links to the media source and the scholarly articles must be
included in your paper.
Here is a recent example (you cannot use this one):…
    In the third paragraph of the article, there is a hyperlink to a study in JAMA Psychiatry:…

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