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A significant self-report study named, the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM) program, was established by the National Institute of Justice to monitor drug use among arrestees in many jurisdictions of the United States. According to the authors, one of the main benefits of self-report studies in research is as a source of information provided by individuals based on their behavior, unfiltered by any official or judicial process. This self-study process was developed in an effort to counteract what were considered systematic biases and distortions in the data collected about crime from official measures. The ADAM study was based on data collected by interviewers interviewing arrestees who had been jailed or booked less than 48 hours for various drug offenses. This study fits into the self-report category because its subjects are focused in a group that was geared to provide more targeted information based on their known drug use.

For this assignment, you will access the 2008 ADAM II Annual Report, in the link below. Select one illicit drug (for example, marijuana) for your research.


Begin with a short paragraph describing the drug you have selected, how it is used, effects, (Marijuana)

Q1. What did the ADAM report tell you and what didn’t it tell you about Marijuana sale and use across the 10 counties? Be detailed!

Q2. What did the ADAM report reveal and not reveal about why substance use varies across the 10 counties. Can other data sets help to explain or analyze the variance?

Q3. Discuss Sample the strengths and weakness of self-study reports as applies to the ADAM study. Make sure you understand the strength and weaknesses of survey research.

Think of

– coverage error

– Sampling error

-Nonresponse error

-Validity – how did ADAM build validity into the study?


-Generalizability – what population do the interviews represent? Who is left out.

Q4. Discuss important effects of under-reporting.

Special Instructions:

Create a 3 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use a total of 3 scholarly sources for references and I will provide a couple of suggested sources for you to consider. Be sure to utilize in-text citations. You have 4 questions for this assignment that must be placed as sub-headings in your essay and answered accordingly. (please follow the special instructions exactly)

Suggested sources to consider:

1. 2008 Adam ll Annual Report.

2. Mosher, Clayton, Miethe, D., T., Hart, C., T. The Mismeasure of Crime.

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