Science and research in nursing

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As you respond to your peers, expand on your ideas and integrate scholarly resources to support your ideas.



what would you consider as the “other methods?” How would the nurse researcher be involved in the decision to use cauterization or the “other methods?” Dr. Davis


I choose early mobility as my topic because I believe it has a lot of benefits for all hospitalized patients but particularly mechanically ventilated patients. Studies have shown that mechanically ventilators may be a risk factor and a cause of ICU acquired weakness (Taito, Shime, Ota, & Yasuda, 2016). I remember when I first started working in the ICU, mechanically ventilated patients looked intimidating to take care of. And for most patients, it is a very scary situation to have a tube down your throat. As a result of that, patients tend to not want to move for fear of displacing something. Mobilizing patients in the intensive care environment is not without risk. Catheters and supportive equipment attached to patients can become dislodged and cause injury. As nurses, we can be pioneers in helping our patients to feel comfortable and encourage them to move and to perform range of motion activities (Adler & Malone, 2012).

Doing some preliminary research on the topic of early mobility, I have found that a lot of the resistance to implementing early mobility for mechanically ventilated patients is due time constraint. Early mobility doesn’t have to be ambulating down the hallway with a patient. Some patients will not be able to that based on the existing weakness and their baseline. But taking small steps such as getting a patient out of the bed to the chair, performing range of motion, and placing the bed into chair position can make a big difference in patient’s recovery.

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