SC Grant Proposal and Program Experience Essay

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Respond to the following prompts and submit your answers, in PDF format, adhering to the following:

  • Standard letter (8 ½” x 11”) page size
  • 12-point font
  • Single spaced text and 1-inch margins
  • Narrative should not exceed 5 pages
  • 1. Project Abstract [2 Pages Max]

    FGSC participants will write several components of a grant proposal during the 10- week engagement. Please create a draft project abstract for a place-based initiative that you would propose for grant funding. Please include: (1) project goal, (2) population to be served, (3) activities or services to be delivered, (4) intended project outcomes, and (5) collaborative partners to be invited/engaged. Note: Your abstract does not have to reflect a real-world project or involve an existing organization. You can imagine your own “mock” project. However, the focus population you choose should be real, with a discernible geography, socio-demographic characteristics, and/or perceived service needs and gaps. You will have the opportunity to refine/update/change your proposal elements if selected for the cohort.

    2. Program Experience [1 Page Max]

    WJWI focuses on neighborhood-based, cradle-to-career strategies, as defined by adherence to the six principles detailed below. Briefly describe your involvement in a place-based and/or cradle-to-career initiative that improved the economic and social mobility of children and families and aligned with these principles.


  • Programming within a neighborhood that spans the full cradle-to-career (C2C) continuum with clear links between all developmental stages • Services may be provided by a single organization or a collection of organizations, but they should be coordinated and connected
  • Accountability

  • One organization / entity is accountable for all C2C outcomes within the neighborhood
  • Though services may be delivered by multiple providers, there is a singular centralized body taking responsibility across the continuum
  • Accountable entity leverages data to inform outcomes
  • Neighborhood-based

  • The programming is rooted in and designed for a particular neighborhood, with a focus on the most historically underserved communities, where outcomes are rarely impacted by systems change
  • Systems Change

  • The effort engages systems leaders and leverages conditions of systems change to support the formation and sustaining of contiguous, accountable, neighborhood-based strategies
  • Systems change/related efforts provide access to sustainable funding for efforts over time
  • K-12 Engagement

  • The approach includes a focus on K-12 education, given the central role the system plays in shaping children’s outcomes
  • This focus may involve working to influence school systems, operating/partnering with a K-12 school, or operating/partnering with afterschool, weekend, and/or summer programs
  • Proximate Leadership

  • The effort is led by members of the community being served
  • Leaders should have deep connections and longstanding relationships within the community
  • 3. Grant Writing Experience [1 Page Max]

    Briefly describe your experience supporting or writing grant proposals by answering the following questions:

  • How many grants have you written?
  • How many of those grants were you the lead grant writer and how many were you supporting another grant writer or team?
  • How many of the grants were awarded?
  • What skills did you learn or strengthen during your prior grant writing experience?
  • What grant writing knowledge or skills do you hope to develop through the FGSC and in the future?
  • 4. Future Goals [1 Page Max]

    Briefly explain how your involvement in the FGSC will advance your personal or professional goals.

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