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I need you to response for the following with 200 words, APA style

I chose a major health care facility to analyze based on risks. It is a dynamic facility with many different types of risks that can often mean life or death.

Opportunity-based – Opportunity risks may be defined as either a risk from a choice made about potential opportunities or how opportunities taken advantage of can bring about new risks. Some examples include.

  • Opportunities to merge into or absorb other facilities to become a larger entity in the area which can cause many new risks such as:
    • choosing an incorrect new location which causes over congestion, anger by local citizens over placement and more.
    • Difficulties in merging various business documents and culture.
    • Difficulties with payroll of various individuals that come from different entities. (Types of health care coverage, retirement packages, hourly and salary pay)
  • Opportunities to open new wings to provide a new element of care.
    • Hazards associated with integrating new systems, learning it with very to little experience, balancing bugdeting, making it profitable, hiring exceptional talent and more.

Uncertainty-based – risk that occur from uncertain or unknown events such as natural disasters, loss of suppliers, rogue individual violence and more.

  • Uncertainty based has some crossover from hazards when hazards are uncertain. So I will only cover some hazards here that are the most uncertain.Uncertainties can include a massive influx of patients on a particular day. This may occur without any large scale emergency and be what we might call, an anomaly. This can also occur due to a large scale disaster or emergency. Either way, the uncertainty of when or how an influx of patients will overwhelm your systems, personnel and capabilities a hazard worth considering.
    • Active shooters which choose the facility due to various potential reasons:
      • They believe they received inadequate care
      • Disgruntled employee
      • Deranged person choosing a busy location randomly or with a deranged motivation.
      • Many more unknowns.
    • Earthquakes
      • Causing critical damage to structure
      • Causing massive power outages and damaging generators
      • Injuring a critical number of personnel

Hazard-based – risk from dangerous materials or actions.

  • Release of hazardous chemicals in the form of poisonous, combustible, flammable and biological. Oxygen tanks, people ill with infectious disease, improper disposal of sharps and other contaminates, improper care of a MRI stations (powerful magnets) and other hazards have the potential to lead to death in large numbers.
  • A physician performing their duties under the influence as a result of taken a call when they shouldn’t, having a long term problem with substance abuse or other reasons.
  • Individuals on certain wards that can become violent and injure staff and other patients and damage equipment and property.


  • Malpractice suits against the facility due to either an incorrect account by the patient or a critical mistake by the physician.
  • Violation of health codes for cleanliness, proper disposal of contaminates and more.
  • Physicians and nurses working over the state or federal limit for hours in a row, in 24 hours, in a week and more.

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