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Evaluative Criteria.

1. Introduction: provides general background and a clear, focused thesis statement that is appropriate.

2. Argument: the essay provides necessary information on the topic, covering multiple angles and sides, addressing the warrant, and supporting the argument with effective and credible research.

3. Argument structure/organization: a paper-wide awareness of academic structure, language, and proper argument structure. You should be using clear, formal language and structure to communicate a strong argument clearly with two or three major tenets of support that are clearly explained, grounded in evidence, and interpreted for the audience’s benefit.

4. Quotations and Research: demonstrates an intelligent use of direct evidence to support your arguments. You should effectively utilize paraphrasing, summary, and direct quotation. Careful attention to proper in-text and works cited citations are necessary to avoid plagiarism. Your research should include at least six current sources; at least 3 of them should be scholarly or trade journals (more sources is fine).

5. MLA, grammar, and style: the Works Cited page carries all sources cited according to MLA.

6. Length requirement (6+ pages) and source requirement (6 with 3 scholarly or trade journal sources)

7. Attention to grammar and punctuation conventions, appropriate word choice, varied sentence structure

8. Originality and initiative


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