Research Project Module (Humanities)

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Please submit a proposal for your Research Project Topic in this Drop Box. You may select any topic inspired by an idea/concept/event mentioned in the textbook.

A good topic is one that allows you to further investigate something you found intriguing in your reading and want to further research via your project.

A simple paragraph explaining your topic in a specific and detailed manner will constitute an adequate proposal.

After you submit your proposal, I will send you back feedback.


Proposal deadline: November 20, 2018.



Here are the instructions and specific parameters, which you are to follow when you actually begin to construct your Research Project.

First, I would like to stress that for this project you should use your creative and intellectual strengths to create a final product that highlights what you have learned from the textbook and from at least 9 other research materials.

1.) You should submit your topic proposal before the November 20 th deadline.

2.) You should construct a power point presentation (PPP) that highlights your selected topic using material found in one of the textbook chapters plus 9 other research materials=that means that you should have at least 10 entries in your bibliographic or works cited slide.

3.Please do not use Keynote, Prezi or other presentation software as they tend to impact the deliverability of your PPP via the Drop Box function in D2L. Use a Power Point approach to accomplish this project.

4.) Avoid using video and audio files within the PPP as they tend to make files too large to deliver as well.

5.) Please make sure to include both IMAGES AND TEXT on every slide to serve as the focus of your power point presentation. I expect that your power point presentation will highlight the important parts of your topic, especially as they relate to our study/discussion of the humanities.

6) Please follow these guidelines when constructing your PPP: Your Power Point should contain at least 20 slides. Failure to meet this slide requirement will result in the loss of 5% of your overall grade for each missing slide. You should approach the PPP as an instructional tool–imagine that you are going to inform a group of strangers about the specific topic you have selected. You should include both text and images ON EVERY SLIDE to help clearly articulate the information you want to share through your power point presentation. Be sure to try and include at least one image per slide throughout your PPP along with textual information to support, explain or discuss the information relevant to the selected image and your overall topic. Be thorough and clear in your presentation.

7.) The textual portions on each slide should not be in a bulleted or short hand version. Textual portions, that accompany the images, should be in paragraph form.

8.) Please utilize materials from at least 9 reliable sources beyond your textbook. And include a bibliographic slide(s) at the end of your Power Point Presentation that documents all sources used. Please use MLA or APA formatting for the bibliographic/works cited slide.

9.) Pay careful attention to Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation. PROOFREAD your PPP before you submit it for a grade.

10.) Submit the power point presentation to me no later than the DEC 13 th deadline/due date as it appears on the Calendar Due Dates file.

11.) You should submit the PPP in the Research Project Drop Box. REMEMBER: Have fun with this research project. The emphasis of this task is to have you do some external research (apart from just using the information in the textbook) and to be able to utilize that information to construct an eloquent and well-tailored power point presentation regarding the specific topic you selected. You should try to produce a creative, cohesive, clear, and concise power point presentation that could serve as an instructional tool.

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