replay to qd 1 and qd 2 of week 3

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please answer to the following topics/replays with 75-100 words each.

Thank you

QD 1 ——- Jordan,

I think that writing about yourself is definitely one of the hardest things for any writer to do, whether being a scientist or not. It is hard to talk about yourself without sounding too brash or too modest. Writer’s block is a common thing for many students or writers and can be brief or last much longer than expected. For me personally, the hardest block to get passed is starting a paper and writing an introduction. Usually once I have gotten the paper going and have the main points I am going to talk about, I can finish the rest up without too much difficulty. Occasionally, I do have some difficulty during the paper formulating the sentences properly but this is less common for me than struggling in the beginning. One thing that I do almost every time I am studying or writing essays is listen to classical music. I love music but when there are lyrics it can often be very distracting while doing homework. Classical music is great because it does not have any lyrics and it really seems to relax me to assist in the learning process. Another thing that I do when writing papers is not put too much worry into how each sentence sounds as I write it. So I like to just start typing as the thoughts come into my head and then go back and edit to make it sound better after! It is difficult to say what exactly causes writer’s block, but I would venture it is largely due to being unfocused when it comes to writing. Sometimes it is hard block out everything else that is going on in your life and it just takes precedence in your brain.

QD 2 ——— Christina,

I have chosen to use the MLA citation style when writing my paper due to it being the in the Grand Canyon University Success Center. My article which came out of the Journal of international Medical Research is written using the MLA style. APA and MLA have many similarities including using a 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins, double spacing throughout the body of the paper, not using first or second person when writing and not requiring a footer. Differences in the citation styles include the bibliography which is called a reference page in APA while in MLA it is referred to works cited however the contents in both should include all and only work used and should be cited in alphabetical order using the authors last names. After the first line of a reference in MLA the next line should be indented 5 spaces, in AMA the second line should be indented half an inch. MLA does not require a title page where APA style does, in MLA the title and body of the paper are only separated by a double space. In addition, while both require a header the context is different as in APA the title of paper and page number are present. In MLA the authors last name and the page number are present. When using in-text citations in MLA only the authors last name and page number should be used. In APA authors name in addition to publication date should be used.

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