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For Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,”  discuss what Tan accomplishes in her first two paragraphs. How does she establish her authority? What ideas does she introduce? Thinking back to our conversation about Wang Ping’s “Syntax,” how did the reader further influence your ideas on language, fluency, and power… and of the multiple languages we are surrounded by in the in the United States in the 21st century.

For Malcolm X’s “Coming to an Awareness of Language,” consider the second to the last paragraph. The one that begins, “I was so fascinated that I went on… ” How does this paragraph mesh our disrupt your ideas of education and language learning? How does it fit with your experiences of learning?

For Joan Didion’s “On Keeping a Notebook,” choose any paragraph and do a close reading. Consider word choice and meaning. Then discuss how the paragraph fits into the larger essay. What is your take away from the essay?

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