Psych in Your Life Project Part 1, psychology homework help

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Psychology is all around you! Everywhere I go I see the concepts we discuss, from the Subway/Septa to the news to my own personal life.  Similarly, the topics we cover can easily be observed and applied to YOUR own life. For this assignment, you will identity and discuss FIVE ways how the topics or theories we’ve discussed can be applied to everyday life or ways you’ve viewed them in everyday life.  You will discuss one topic from each of the following:

    1. Mods. 1 (one topic should come from this module)
    2. Mods. 4 (one topic should come from this module)
    3. Mods. 6 (one topic should come from this module)
    4. Mods. 21 (one topic should come from this module)
    5. Mods. 32 (one topic should come from this module)

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. You will post your assignment as a document (.doc, .docx, .gdoc, .rtf, or pdf) in the “Psych in your Life Project Part 1”
  2. NUMBER each example and start by stating the module and page number in the text where each theory you use is discussed. 
  3. For each example, explain the situation you observed or the application to your own life and a complete, thorough and accurate description/definition of the theory it is related to. Each example should be around 2 paragraphs or 100 words minimum. Or, you can find visuals, for example, cartoons or pictures.  
  4. Each of your examples must be from each of the different sets of modules as noted above.
  5. You cannot repeat theories or ideas that you have discussed in previous assignments.
  6. Each theory should be described in your own words. Similarly, you should give your own examples and not ones given in the text or in class. Examples or theories that are not your own or in your own words will not be graded.
  7. Be sure you demonstrate correct grammar, spelling, English, etc…

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