Proposal for Discourse and Discourse Community Project4-5 Body pages, 200 pointsDue on BB by 11:59 p.m. on B.B. on Thursday, September 6Write a proposal for a specific discourse community. You can sta

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Proposal for Discourse and Discourse Community Project

4-5 Body pages, 200 points

Due on BB by 11:59 p.m. on B.B. on Thursday, September 6

Write a proposal for a specific discourse community. You can start a business; propose an event; propose the creation of an app or videogame; create a new product; or something else intended for your discourse community. Identify your reader (investors, leaders of the discourse community, other?) and work to persuade why this proposal will work well and how it will benefit your audience. You will examine the secondary Discourse (identity of the individual member) and discourse community to understand how to engage these consumers. Then discuss your proposal and how it will engage your target audience (members of the discourse community). Please provide a Title Page, the Body of the proposal (contains the different sections), and a References (APA format) or Works Cited (MLA format) page. Please place the page number centered at the bottom of each page. Please consult sample on Blackboard. Use business block format to write this proposal document.

A Discourse, according to James Paul Gee, is an identity we learn through enculturation and perform through language, thinking, and action. A discourse community, according to John Swales, shares common goals; ways to participate and exchange information; genres; specialized vocabulary; and master members and novitiates.

Please select a discourse community that interests you. Introduce it in your opening paragraph; you will also introduce your proposal and purpose, too. Then examine the secondary Discourse, which focuses on the individual identity (use a heading titled Discourse of the Individual). Write several paragraphs discussing this individual identity. Then write another heading titled Discourse Community; this section will use multiple paragraphs to discuss the larger discourse community.

Please analyze how the secondary Discourse operates and causes problems and provides benefits (for example, does it favor a certain kind of person? How does it keep non-members out?). Do the same for the discourse community section: how does it operate and cause problems and provide benefits?

Then state your proposal (with the heading titled Proposal). Write your proposal and discuss how you will implement it and why it will work well (multiple paragraphs). Acknowledge counterarguments readers might suggest or potential problems and how you will respond to these arguments or work with these problems.

Incorporate your research throughout your paper (use research to support each section). Find sources to support your discussion of the Discourse section, Discourse Community section, and the Proposal section; the sources do not need to speak explicitly about each section; they can provide support by speaking to the theme or topic of the section. How do your sources represent your discourse community? Why? How have other organizations or people discussed these ideas or implemented your proposal plans (if applicable)? How do your sources discuss this topic/proposal?

The proposal requires you to use at least four outside sources (you can use more). Use two scholarly journal articles from the Pfau library databases (EBSCOHost, JSTOR, Elsevier, Project Muse, Science Direct, other databases), and find two more non-scholarly sources (ProQuest, EBSCOHost, news articles, U.S. Census Data, etc.). Use these sources to support your proposal and ideas; do not let these sources overrun your thinking or writing.

Please use APA or MLA citation practices to write in-text citations and cite your sources at the end (Works Cited or References page), and


! Plagiarism is using the ideas or content of others without acknowledging the original source/author. We will discuss citation practices in class, and the OWL Purdue website (

) is an excellent source for citing your sources in MLA or APA citation practices

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Proposal for Discourse and Discourse Community Project4-5 Body pages, 200 pointsDue on BB by 11:59 p.m. on B.B. on Thursday, September 6Write a proposal for a specific discourse community. You can sta
Running Head: PROPOSAL FOR DISCOURSE AND DISCOURSE COMMUNITY PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR DISCOURSE AND DISCOURSE COMMUNITY PROJECT Name Institution Affiliations Introduction According to James Paul Gee, discourse can be referred as the identity that various people learn through the enculturation. They then execute the identity through the language, thinking as well as action. Generally, it shares a common goal through the entire community or the society that it is entail in. It besides share the way to freely participate and interchange the information in the respective community. (Bazerman, 2009) In addition, it involves the participation and inter-exchange of the genres within the society, specialized vocabularies in the community as well as the special members in the same community that arise from the novitiates in the community. In this respective essay, being interested with the drug abuse as community discourse to discuss with will enforce the essay to majorly focus on the drug abuse. It will besides reflect on the secondary discourse of the drug abuse. This will as well require to incorporate the research done on the drug abuse as a discourse community. This will highlight and analyze as well the impact of this discourse community to their respective community as well as the overall society in particular. Drug Abuse Generally, drug abuse has been a monster that has raptured the young generation within the entire community. This has led to an imposture of a massive challenge and impact to the respective community. From the research conducted, it is besides prevalent that it is hard to mitigate the effects of drug abuse in the society. This discourse community proposal is aimed at creating awareness about the misuse of drugs by our community members from both the young and old members to (Bazerman, 2009). This is becoming challenging as we are losing productive people in our community day in day out due to the misuse of drugs which has become very rampant. The discourse community will bring together people from all areas and circles of life with a common goal of eradicating this challenge completely. Therefore, there is need to analyze this proposal in such a way that it will reflect and provide a remedy for the various causes and the impacts of drug abuse discourse community. This proposal seems to be adequate and reliable in meeting all the requirements as well as elements of the discourse community. It has common goals and all the individuals within the society can purchase it. This will help eliminate the use of drugs within the community. It besides entail various mechanisms of intercommunication. This is due to the fact that it has been incorporated various means of communications that include text messages, video calls, emails as well as Facebook (Bazerman, 2009). This participatory mechanism may be consisted of several meetings to check on the progress of the respective members as well as the regular surprise visits to the respective members. This literally implies that it will be entailed of the hierarchy of members to evade the conflicts that may emerge. Besides, it has been modified to enhance easier and reliable management of the respective individuals that are associated with the discourse community. This express the vitality of this drug abuse discourse community. Secondary Discourse Community Acquisition of the individuals within the discourse community of drug abuse is one of the relevant elements that need to be highlighted and reflected. The individuals within this discourse community have been obtained through the various significant methods. They include orientation, experimentation, transformation a well as the productivity (Yerrick & Gilbert, 2011). Evidently, all these methods have the common goal as well as the means of communication which brings them together in the discourse community to achieving the set goal of the drug abuse discourse community. The shared goals and resources will be the key to maintain a long and rewarding endeavor that will see them meet the set goal (Yerrick & Gilbert, 2011). The individuals will have a common language that will be used. From the research carried out, this is one of the major factors that will ease communication and language used by the individual discourse. They must be disciplined all through to avoid conflicts that may delay meeting the goal on the set time. Outsiders will not be allowed anywhere near the individual discourse to avoid distractions and interference of any kind. The secondary discourse operates in a manner that all the members of the group can have a common ground of communication where they can help and advice each other on the issues that are causing most of the people to engage in drugs and drugs abuse (Yerrick & Gilbert, 2011). One of them is poverty where many families in our locality are living below the poverty level and therefore it becomes easier for them to engage in drug abuse try and ease the pains and emotional stress they go through. Another cause is idleness among the young people. This has been accelerated due to the lack of jobs as well as the high cost of living which have enforced to mots of the individuals turning to drugs. Literally, the providence of this drug abuse discourse community to the discourse individuals will be of great vitality as it is beneficial to them and their life application. It helps the discourse individuals to embark on their correction as well as the rehabilitation process. Generally, communication is the key in this discourse as it assures that there is adequate transaction as well as the required exchange of orders and advices from one individual to another given individual. (Flowerdew, 2000) The most interesting common interest of the members of the discourse community will be relevant in designing any constrains that may be used by the respective members. According to the drug abuse map, the common values are usually prevention as well as the assistance within the drug abuse. Other common values include the 7motivation, safety as well as the progress. The respective specialized vocabularies are the drugs, rehabilitation, motivation, correction as well as the drug abuse (Flowerdew, 2000). The genres include the rehabilitation centers for the drug abusers to be rehabilitated, parks as well as other genre measures that will adequately advance mitigation of the drug abuse in the community. The goals are strength, healthy, vitality, and abstinence. From the fact that there will be personal involvement in this discourse community, it will be easier to gather all the texts as well as the emails sent out and received by the respective members. Drug Abuse Discourse Community Solution Young individuals within the community are ultimately difficult to deal with. This therefore call for the need of good communication channel that will be utilized in efforts to archiving and grabbing their attraction so as to engage them productively. Any discourse community is based on communication and how the individual members relate with each other (Silva & Matsuda, 2013). Operations and orders follow a certain hierarchy to avoid conflicting ideas and ensure that all members have the will to abide to the set rules and goals. This way of operation will also ensure that at the end of the day all the members of the discourse community meet their individual goals and that of the group in general. There are problems that may arise from the secondary discourse. Some of them include conflicting ideas from the individual members (Lemke, 1993). Not all the members are of goodwill and some may try to distract others when they find they can’t meet the goals of the discourse community. It will therefore be challenging for the organizers to deal with such people. The individual members will benefit from the discourse community through various ways such as how to avoid temptations on drugs and ways of keeping them busy and earn some money rather than just stay idle and end up using drugs (Lemke, 1993). Analyzing all the information received and sent through texts, emails, and recorded audios will help in knowing which of the individuals need more personalized help. Generally, texts and email are the main forms of communication especially when the members are not together always. Conclusion Generally, the drug abuse discourse community is entailed of individuals who are absolutely different. This implies that there are possibilities of emergence of conflicting situations. Despite the fact that they share a common goal, it is difficult at times to control the individuals. This is especially if the means of communication used is not available to all the concerned individuals (Silva & Matsuda, 2013). This may result to the individuals feeling biased. When the members meet up, oral communication is important to give each of the discourse individuals to express themselves and how they feel about it so far. This is especially the case whenever they are not benefiting from it which implies that it will then would only be too good to alter the tactics being used. This includes implementing new tactics in the discourse community that will ensure the set goals and objectives are achieved. References Bazerman, C. (2009, November 22). Issue Brief: Discourse Communities. Retrieved November 13, 2015, from Flowerdew, J. (2000). Discourse Community, Legitimate Leripheral Participation, and the Nonnative, English-speaking scholar. Lemke, J. (1993). Discourse, Dynamics, and Social Change, Cultural Dynamics, 6(1-2), 243- 275. doi: 10.1177/092137409300600107. Silva, T., & Matsuda, P. (2013). Landmark Essays on ESL Writing. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. Yerrick, R. K., & Gilbert, A. (2011). Constraining the discourse community: How science discourse perpetuates marginalization of underrepresented students. Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 6(1), 67–91.

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