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Please follow the below instructions and COMPLETE the following list of assignments in APA. 

Complete 1) DEFINE POETIC TERMS: Using your textbook and online sources, write a 1-2 sentence definition of each of the following vocabulary words: imagery, metaphor, simile, voice, tone, assonance, alliteration, rhyme, sonnet, narrative, lyric, ballad, elegy, dramatic monologue.

Complete 2) DEFINE DIFFERENT STYLES OF POETRY: In 1-2 sentences define the following types of poetry: epic, narrative, ballad, haiku, prose poem, elegy, ode, dramatic monologue. Include an example of each poem.

Complete 3) DISCUSS A POEM: Using the textbook, the internet (including the links provided under the Unit 4 discussion) find a poem that is interesting to you and/or inspires you. Write at least 3 paragraphs that discusses the following: what type of poem is this? Why does this poem inspire you? What does this poem mean to you? Be specific in identifying why this poem interests you. What emotions and memories do the poem illicit? Find and label at least three poetic devices used in this poem using the vocabulary that you defined in “Complete 1”.

A couple key reminders:

● Be sure that you’re defining the poetic terms in your own words.

● Be sure that you’re providing an example of each type of poem (in assignment #2).

● In assignment #3, be sure that you’re spending a good bit of time with the THREE craft elements. Try to support your ideas by using details from the poem to demonstrate how these craft elements are being used.

● Also in assignment #3, make sure you’re answering all the questions with respect to why you chose the poem and how it inspires you and why.

● Finally, be sure to cite any sources you use, this includes, when you paraphrase someone else’s definitions/ideas. 

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