Please provide a post in response to one of the following questions.

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An ideal post would be two solid paragraphs (that includes a thesis statement, a body of supporting evidence, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points). The post should be well constructed and free of grammatical errors, and be between 250 and 300 words.

You must cite your sources both in your response and below it (Bibliography), using the Chicago Style citation format.

Please using the textbook as your only source.

Choose one (1) question. (chapter22-23)

1. How did President Wilson’s administration mobilize the home front during the Great War? How did these mobilization efforts affect American society?

2. How did Wilson promote his plans for a peaceful world order as outlined in his Fourteen Points?

3. What were the consequences of the World War I at home and abroad?

4. What contributed to the growth of “mass culture” following the Great War?

5. Discuss the sexual revolution, c. 1900s-1920s.

Choose one (1) question. (chapter 24-25)

1. How did the reactionary conservatism during the 1920s manifest itself in social life and governmental policies?

2. How did the Great Depression impact the American people?

3. How did President Herbert Hoover’s administration respond to the Great Depression?

4. How did Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal evolve? How did it transform the role of the federal government in American life?

Choose one (1) question. (chapter 26)

1. What were the affects of the Second World War on American society?

2. What were the major factors that enabled the United States and its allies to win the war in Europe?

3. How did President Franklin Roosevelt and the Allies work to shape the postwar world?

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