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Should the U.S Lift Travel and Trade.pdf CUBA U.S. RESTRICTIONS ON.pdf As_Cuba_reopens,_so_will_wallets_Travel-rel.PDF ProQuestDocuments-2015-04-12.pdf 

Rogerian Essay

Reducing trade restrictions on Cuba / Use this topic

The body of this essay should be between 900 and 1000 words, excluding the required annotated bibliography.  This essay must include a minimum of five sources.  Three should peer-reviewed sources. 

Make sure to include the following sections in your essay:

an introduction and claim,



and a conclusion.

Within the body of your essay, make sure to include the following in any order:

The background for your chosen topic,

the opposition – use an academic tone, and do not show bias,

the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents claim,

scholarly research,

your claim — use an academic tone, and do not show bias,

discuss the warrants for your claim and the opposition in order to find the common ground,

and show the common ground between your opponents claim and your claim.

After you have written your essay, please make sure to revise the content of your essay. Lastly, be sure to edit your essay by checking grammar, format, and smaller technical details. Please make sure your essay is written in third person.

The Annotated Bibliography

An annotated Bibliography (AB) is due with your Rogerian essay. Using the MLA guide, list each source as it will appear on the Works Cited page of your essay. In two to three sentences summarize the text. I will be checking for grammar as well. This is what makes it an “annotated” bibliography. A sample is shown below.

Annotated Bibliography (Centered)

Clark, Irene L. The Genre of Argument. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace, 1998. Print.

Clark’s textbook identifies the major steps to developing a well-researched and well-written argumentative essay. Professional essays are included in the text as models.

Ward, Russ. Logical Argument in the Research Paper. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace, 1997. Print.

Augmenting the steps to writing an argumentative research paper is information about proper documentation. The Rogerian System, an important aspect of a well-planned paper, should be studied carefully.

Ive included some sources to use.  Please use at least 3 of these and have included the cites.  Each paragraph needs a line from each author.

Bingaman, Jeff. “Should The U.S. Government Lift Travel And Trade Restrictions On Cuba?.” Congressional Digest 92.7 (2013): 14-18. International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center. Web. 12 Apr. 2015.

Sullivan, M. P. (2014). CUBA: U.S. RESTRICTIONS ON TRAVEL AND REMITTANCES*. Current Politics and Economics of South and Central America, 7(1), 133-190. Retrieved from

Gebba, George. “American Private Sector’s Contributions To Cuba Increase Despite Trade Embargo.” Advanced. Seattle Times, 17 Nov. 1995. Web. 13 Apr. 2015. <>.

Cuba/USA politics: What’s next for rapprochement. (2009). (). New York: The Economist Intelligence Unit N.A., Incorporated. Retrieved from

“As Cuba reopens, so will wallets; Travel-related businesses such as airlines, resorts will benefit initially.” USA TODAY. (December 18, 2014 Thursday ): 902 words. LexisNexis Academic. Web. Date Accessed: 2015/04/12.

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