plate tectonics 7 questions

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1.Describe what a subduction zone is and how subduction is related to the movement of lithospheric plates.

2.State the type of plate boundary most likely to be associated with large earthquakes and explain why there is a difference between earthquake activity and the type of tectonic plate boundary in an area.

3.According to the map, which part of the U.S. has the LEAST potential for earthquake risk?

4.Explain how the formation of oceanic trenches and folded mountain belts on continents are related to convergent plate boundaries.

5.How has the mid-ocean ridge formed? What are its main features in terms of geologic activity, rock type, and sediment cover?

6.What kind of activity produces metamorphic rocks at transform plate boundaries? What happens to cause the formation of new rocks at these locations?

7.Mantle plumes have not been observed directly. How do we infer that they exist?

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