Pandora Jewelry 4Ps analysis (price)

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Just analyze the Price part in 4ps strategy, I wrote one but professor said that is not a real analysis. And he gave me an example with Apple about how to right the right analysis. Can you please write about the Price analysis and then make a slide in ppt? Thank you

This is analysis:

One of Apple’s key product strategies has always been combining hardware and software as a final product. This has helped create meaningful differentiation, starting from the early days when the Macintosh differentiated from Microsoft by not licensing their software.

Another key product strategy has been that Apple, under Steve Jobs, chose their product categories by either creating a new market or fundamentally altering an existing one. That has also been a key differentiator for the company.

In terms of product innovation, interestingly, Apple doesn’t invent any core technologies. They have taken key technologies and been able to wrap them around different (and better) user experiences in order to differentiate and compete. Their innovation is more about the final product – rather than the starting point.

For example, Apple didn’t invent the graphic user interface but Macintosh was the first personal computer to offer it. Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player however they invented the iTunes Store, which is what allowed the iPod to be the number one market leader in digital music players. Apple didn’t invent the smart phone nor did they invent touch screen – but they were the early pioneer in giving smart phones an all-glass display, which essentially created the market for apps, as we know it today. Apple also didn’t invent the tablet, but was the first company to dedicate a separate version of software that focused on finger input rather than stylus input. This created not only long battery life but a different user experience than a laptop – which was the purpose. To complement a laptop and smart phone.

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